Dread Rock Salon - where hair and beauty overlap and individuality and identity are achieved. Dread Rock, Portland’s urban salon is innovative in their techniques, progressive in styles and offers first-class hair care services. Dread Rock is proud to be a total service oasis with an A-Z menu that caters to every hair desire imaginable. Located on NE MLK, only two blocks from NE Broadway Street, this is what Portland’s urban core has been waiting for! Dread Rock exudes style with its funky design and upbeat atmosphere, all hallmarked by five-star customer service and attention to detail...

Hiring, Hiring, Hiring!

Experience natural hairstylist, braiders and loc stylist. 

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Moroccan Oil Products

Purchase a Moroccan Oil product of $25 or more and receive $5 off!

*Limited time only - while supplies last*

Career Opportunities

*Some promotions are only valid on specific days depending on available space

*Flat iron, curling, and hair length may attract additional fees